About Cosmos-Atelier71

Cosmos-Atelier71 is an integral part of the artistic vision that Cosmos seeks to serve, in the form of a printmaking studio, housing state-of-the-art equipment that is extremely exceptional in Bangladesh. It aims to break new grounds by acting as an incubator for the emergence of graphical arts in Bangladesh. To that end, it focuses on encouraging young print-makers to develop their crafts and artistry, enabling them to carve their future path to full fruition in printmaking.

Cosmos-Atelier71 also offers residency programs for leading international artists,where they can experiment with alternative methods and materials of printmaking. This unique combination of residency program, gallery and our print-making facilities make CosmosAtelier71 one of the most desirable destinations for contemporary arts in South Asia.

Cosmos-Atelier71 Printmaking Studio, established in 1987 in the presence and support of Shilpa Guru Quamrul Hassan, is home to state-of-the-art facilities to facilitate the creation of graphic arts in Bangladesh. Printmaking equipment being rare in Bangladesh, artists from different regions of the country comes to Cosmos Atelier71 to explore their creative talents and exchange ideas and artwork with international artists.

Cosmos Atelier71 believes in promoting Bangladeshi Graphics Arts. It has organized numerous national and international art festivals, workshops, exchange programs, exhibitions, research programs, scholarships, publications on art and other events for the recognition of the heritage of Bangladeshi culture and heritage on global forefront.

The studio also encourages emerging printmakers to develop their craft and create a pathway for their future in the field of printmaking.