Media/ techniques you want to work with:

(Relief: Woodcut/Wood Engraving/ Lino cut etc.

Intaglio: Dry point/ Etching: Soft ground. Hard ground, Aquatint, Deep bite, Mixed, Collography,

New method etc.)

Artist can take maximum 10 prints from each plate. Cosmos Atelier71 will take 2 print from each plate for studio archive.

Artist have to take prints from this studio with above arrangement and rules for the following studio use facility option.

For Nationals:

1 Day/7 hrs. Tk 500,

1 Week/21 hrs. Tk 2000,

1 Month/84 hrs. TK 5000

For Internationals
: 1 Day/ 7hrs. US $ 30, 1 week/21 hrs. US $ 100, month/ 84 hrs. US $ 300)

Working Days: 3 days in week. Saturday, Monday, Wednesday or Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday

* The studio authority issues studio allocation and facilities.
* Print edition number should be declared after destroying the plate with a cross print editing.
* Plate will remain under the studio custody until the edition created by the artist according to declared edition number.

* Subject may change without prior notice.

Rules and Regulations:

1. As an open access facility the Print Studio aims to ensure that all groups and individuals using the workshop are given equal opportunities to benefit from the facility. Artists are required to co-operate with the aims and objectives of the Print Studio, where this impacts on usage of the facilities
2. Artist have to bring his own papers, Printmaking plates, tools  and colours for his/her work process.
3. Registered artists must submit (Two) 2 prints for each plate work for the print studio archive.
4. Registered artist must present in the fixed schedule time of studio 10am.-5pm except Government holidays.
5.Use personal protective equipment as instructed and when required.
6.Studio will provide only printmaking machine, studio space and assistance facility.


Please Clean up after yourself every time you use the Atelier Studio. This includes:

1.Return all tools and materials to their proper locations, including any scrap or unused paper. Leave the Atelier studio as you found it.
2.Clean the tables all scrap materials, glue and paint. Make certain there is no color or glue to the table.
3.Wash all color or glue and paintbrushes thoroughly, with water and brush soap.
4.Dispose Waste materials in a safe manner.


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